Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review: Hit and Run

Before I saw this movie, all I knew about Dax Sheperd (star, director, writer, editor of Hit and Run) was that he did a decent interview on Conan and that he was a person who has sex with Kristen Bell, which makes him admirable, I guess. I left this movie with a great deal of a higher opinion of him.

I won't go into the plot details, because RottenTomatoes and Wikipedia exist, but basically, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, a real-life couple, go on a road trip to LA so Bell can get to a job interview. Shepard, currently in the witness protection program, has his past come up to bite him in the ass, and we go from there.

It looks like straight-to-DVD shit, but it's the most fun movie I've seen in a while. 

Plot: 3/5 - Not particularly interesting, but it is not the point of this movie, which is basically a vehicle for Shepard and Bell and their relationship. There are definitely enough twists to keep the audience on its feet, and it is plausible and easy to follow, if nothing else.

Writing: 4/5 - Reviewers seemed to agree that the writing was very self-indulgent of Shepard, and it probably was, but it was still fun to watch. There was something in this movie that I don't know if I've seen before - realistic relationship situations. Instead of storming off and altering the plot of the movie, or quickly making up and getting in on, Shepard and Bell would have a conversation and reach a resolution. Their exchanges were sometimes insightful, often interesting, and always funny. I enjoyed listening to them talk.

Acting: 4/5 - Producers should take note of Bell's ability to carry a movie. She can be hilarious, dramatic, and is of course hot as all hell. She is a big part of what makes House of Lies watchable, and she is no different here - she wears different hats throughout the film, and is always believable. Tom Arnold, believe it or not, is another guy that, in a perfect role, serves up the film's biggest laughs. Bradley Cooper is always good as the film's antagonist.

Aesthetics: 4/5 - I like to think that Shepard had a good time making this movie, because it was completely self-indulgent, and always quite fun. Apparently a lot of the vehicles in the film are from his personal collection, and it is basically him showing them off in cool shots backed with awesome music. It is something else that seems to bother critics, but screw those guys: this is fun to watch.

Final Score: 75%

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