Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review: 2 Guns

A lot of critics in their reviews for this movie talk about the 'buddy cop' genre, as if 2 Guns borrows from it and suffers from an overindulgence. 

It's not true. If by 'buddy cop', you mean two co-stars that play off of each other to carry a movie, then yes, it is a good description - but let me be clear, 2 Guns carries a few tropes of film-making, is unique enough to be interesting and, at times, captivating.

Story: 3/5 - The story is not original, or particularly fascinating, to be sure. What it lacks in motive and twist, it makes up for by using all the characters available very well. Co-stars, bit parts, villains - everybody is involved, and everybody piques at least a little bit of interest.

Writing: 4/5 - It's probably not a popular opinion, but I thought that Co-stars Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg had a very entertaining repartee throughout the movie. They were funny, there were tons of one-liners that bombed at both viewings that I caught (but that I loved. 'as-salam alaykum') but were probably underrated. The action wasn't thrilling, but it was fun to watch the characters interact.

Acting: 3/5 - Nobody is out of their comfort zone here, but both Denzel and Marky-Mark are in their wheelhouse. Denzel is witty and in-control, while Wahlberg is whiny, incredulous, and funny. It's a clean, flawless delivery of the age-old double act, and it completely carries the film.

Aesthetics: 3/5 - The action was underwhelming and failed to grab my attention, and while I really liked the soundtrack, it was the only thing that really looked like the filmmakers (director Baltasar Kormakur) were trying to put a shine on the movie. The visuals were not very ambitious.

Final Score: 65%

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