Hello people with lives boring enough to have clicked this link! Let me introduce myself to you: my name is Ken Woolums and I am the founder of "Off Topic." See, internet blogs these days seem to have a focus: they like to emphasize one topic in one industry and push it to a specific audience. This is a fine business model, but let's get this straight: this is not what "Off Topic" is going to be as a blog.

No, it certainly won't be like that. "Off Topic" is a place where people can come to discuss anything. Much like Seinfeld is a show about nothing, "Off Topic" is a blog about nothing. There is no focus, here. Writers will write about whatever the hell they so please in whatever fashion they wish to do so. The blog is going to have some posts that are edgy, some points that are very concise and to the point, and it will have its fair share of opinionated rants that start on Earth and end on Jupiter.

Here at "Off Topic" we are not going to sell ourselves as professionals. Indeed, we are a group of people with various hobbies and interests. In some cases, you'll find that we have quite a bit of expertise. In others, we'll probably just rant about whatever random shit we want to. That's the beauty of "Off Topic" as a blog. There's no focus, no advertisement of professionalism, and no bullshit--well, unless we decide to rant about bullshit.

Topics will range from sports to music to video games to whatever the hell we want. Find a post that suits you? Great, read it! Not finding anything fits your style? Requests are always welcome--unless we think they suck. As mentioned before, blogs these days tend to have a very specific focus. Well, if you really want to know, our focus is on our opinions. If people like them, that's fantastic. If not, then the internet surely isn't short on blogs for you to troll through.

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