Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kingdom Hearts: My Favorite Things in the Series


1) Lea/Axel

So as it turns out, Lea's character takes the longest to develop throughout the series, but it turns out that he is there at most of the big moments. He's the best friend of Roxas and is on hand to save Sora at two key moments: in the realm between in the second game and right as Xehanort is about to make Sora the 13th vessel. He's pretty awesome. Got it memorized?

2) Xehanort

As the main antagonist, it is unbelievable how cruel this guy is for a Disney-based product--and I love it. Think about it this way: he's destroying the lives of tons of people out of nothing but sheer curiosity. He just wants to see what happens when a new Keyblade War is sparked. The game's creator--Tetsuya Nomura--has said that he wants the third main feature title to be darker. Thanks to his creation of Xehanort, that idea is certainly much more possible.

Did I mention he's voiced by Leanord Nimoy? Yeah, he is.

3) Vanitas

Vanitas is the darkness within Ventus' heart after Ven is split. When his mask is off, he comes in the appearance of Sora--with weird skin and really dark hair--and he's even voiced by the same actor (Haley Joel Osment). Vanitas' character is cocky, condescending, and knows that he exists for only one purpose: fight Ven and forge the X-Blade. Just an awesome character all around.

4) Master Riku

While Riku's character design is probably my least favorite in the series, his excellence as a character cannot be denied. Rather than walk the Road to Light or the Road to Darkness, he goes down a path that no keyblade wielder has before: the Road to Dawn. He is Sora's greatest ally and will always be there when Sora needs him most.

5) Sora

Sora's character has a fantastic backstory: he has a unique ability to connect with other people's hearts. While he is often teased/insulted in the series for being weak, it is this unusual bond with other people that makes him strong. He is the "Chosen One" in the series and is tasked with putting an end to Xehanort's schemes. He forms an exceptionally strong bond with Kairi, and it's a major driving point throughout the series.


The best part of this series, even with its great story and awesome characters, is the music that is composed for the series. Here are a few of my favorites in no order.


"L'Oscurita dell'Ignoto"
"Dearly Beloved"
"Simple and Clean: Orchestra Version"
"Rage Awakened"

And now onto one of the best parts of the game: the keyblades. As mentioned before, keyblades are weapons used to protect the light, but they can also be used as weapons of destruction. Here are images of the keyblades available in the series:
Boss Fights

Here are videos of a few of my favorite boss fights in the series to date:

Xemnas Battle 1: Kingdom Hearts II

Riku/Ansem Battle 2: Kingdom Hearts I
Young Xehanort: Kingdom Hearts 3D

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