Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Interviews from History: Ruben Amaro Jr.

Hi, my name is Ian and this is the first edition of "Interviews from History". In this series I will post (fictional) interviews with anybody in history, and I'm open to suggestions. I chose Ruben Amaro Jr. (Philadelphia Phillies GM) to start, because I'm cynical and I enjoy reflecting on my pain when it comes to sports.

As soon as Ruben walks into the room you can feel just how smug he is. "How are you, Mr. Amaro?" I asked, as he stared into his blackberry, saying that I was wasting his time.   I decided to get down to brass tacks. "If given the opportunity, what would you have done differently?" I asked. His reply was short, arrogant, and also really idiotic. "Nothing, why would you ask me that question?"  I asked him that question because it's well known that he's made an excess of bad moves and I was curious if he would admit it.

I soon realized I wouldn't get anywhere with that series of questions, so I decided to ask him about the current team. "Do you think this team can contend, at least for the second wild card?" I figured it was a simple question, and it wouldn't offend him. I figured wrong, as he scoffed, said something under his breath and then ignored me.

This interview wasn't going the way I had hoped it would, so I thought that I'd ask him a light-hearted question so that there wouldn't be so much tension. I decided to ask how his family was doing. It happened to be the only legitimate answer I got all day, but it was just as arrogant as normal. "My children are doing extremely well in school, I suspect that they too will get into Stanford. *chuckle*" He then asked if we were done, and walked away extremely quickly.

This was a very unpleasant interview with a very unpleasant person. He didn't answer any of my questions, but hopefully the next interview with someone will be more enlightening. Feel free to give me suggestions on who to interview next.

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